Is Russia Building A Supersonic Transport System In Moscow?

There have been reports that Russia are building a supersonic transport system in their capital. But what exactly is a supersonic transport systems and are the reports true? For those that don’t know what an earth a Hyperloop is, it’s a new method of superfast transportation created by Elon Musk.

Without being too biased, Elon Musk is a great guy. Not only is he a serial entrepreneur that has worked on many companies such as PayPal and Tesla. He also owns SpaceX, a company that makes SPACESHIPS! When Musk isn’t in his workshop thinking up new ideas he’s out having fun with his 6 sons. If 1 Elon Musk wasn’t enough then imagine another 6 walking this planet and solving our problems.

elon musk as iron man

He also makes a pretty sick Iron Man…….

Musk is great at inventing, in fact he has a degree in physics from the University of Pennsylvania. Not only has he solved everyone’s problems with sending money online (PayPal) and mass producing electric cars (Tesla) but he’s always thinking up new ideas.

If you’ve ever seen Iron Man then he might sound a bit like Tony Stark. In fact actor Robert Downey Jr. actually modelled his portrayal of the character on Elon Musk himself. Not to mention he even makes a cameo appearance in the Iron Man 2 film.

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Razer’s OSVR vs Oculus Rift – Which Is Best?

Oculus Rift – $599

Virtual reality is a big thing, yet a few years ago it was just a dream. Ever since the release of the Oculus rift development kit back in 2012 the whole industry has taken off with many new headsets hitting the market.

Before this, VR headsets were very expensive, big and slow. What Oculus have managed to do is combine everything you needed to experience VR into an affordable headset that can be mass produced.

The Oculus Rift was really a game changer when it first came out. The idea was launched by an ambitious 18 year old Palmer Luckey, who built a prototype of the headset in his parent’s garage in 2011. The idea was launched on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter and raised $2.4 million USD by the end of the campaign. As a result of this Oculus targeted a large scale of units and expanded its employees and office space to meet the demand. Continue Reading

What’s The Best Smartwatch Out There?

With technology getting more and more advanced, even everyday items are getting a digital makeover. If you thought watches were just for telling the time then think again. With the introduction of smartwatches you can now do practically anything on them. By the time you’ve seen everything they’re capable of, telling the time will be the last thing you’ll use them for.

Since the release of the Apple watch in early 2015 other manufacturers have started to release their own smartwatches to compete. There is currently a wide selection of smartwatches available on the market ranging from low end to high end.

So that brings the question which smartwatch is the best? Although it can depend on what you’re looking to get from the watch we’ll give you a rundown of the best smartwatches available today.

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AMD Polaris Cards: What We Know So Far

After the recent release of the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 Pascal cards from Nvidia, all eyes have turned to their competitor AMD to see what they’ve been working on the past few years. AMD have already unveiled a name for their cards, the RX 400 series which includes the RX 480, 470 and 460.

Although it’s a while until the non-disclosure agreements are lifted and we can find out more juicy information about the cards, such as the release date and actual performance specs. It seems some data about the new card has already been leaked.

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SilentKeys Keyboard: The Future of Privacy

Online privacy and security is a big thing nowadays with so much malware going around it can be hard to know if you’re being spied on or not. Malware and viruses can disclose sensitive information without you knowing, by the time you do find out it’s usually too late.

Protecting your privacy is not about having something secret to hide, it’s about keeping your private things private. You wouldn’t allow a stranger to install a camera in your bedroom or toilet, so why let them do it to your computer?

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The AtmosFlare 3D Pen: Make drawings come to life!

Do you love drawing? If you do then you’ll love this amazing gadget! If you don’t…… then we’re pretty sure you’ll change your mind after seeing this.

The AtmosFlare 3D pen allows you to draw and sculpture in mid-air! If you thought drawing was just limited to 2 dimensions then think again. This pen will have you question all the pens you own as to why they can’t be as awesome.

The pen allows you to draw 3D sculptures in mid-air using its proprietary quick drying ink. As you start to draw you can actually see the ink solidify within seconds before your eyes. You can go back and re-draw over the lines to add more layers which is great when you want to build a foundation base.

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The Best Co-Working Spaces & Retreats

We’re all sick of the daily 9 to 5 office grind. Times change and so do workplaces. Thanks to the internet no longer are you confined to an office job with a boring view. Many freelancers and entrepreneurs who call themselves ‘digital nomads’ have been saying farewell to the daily commute and have set their sights on travelling the world while they work.

There are places all over the world that are now setting up ‘coworking spaces’. These spaces let you live with other like-minded people to share your ideas and stories which is perfect for entrepreneurs.

The next time you’re sat staring out of your office window think about all the amazing places where you could be working. We’ve picked our favourite co-working spaces from around the world to show you what you’re missing out on.

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The Panono Panoramic Camera

With hundreds of new gadgets being released every month it can be hard finding the awesome ones. Our gadget experts have been on the look out to find the latest and greatest releases just for you. This time they bring you the Panono panoramic camera.

This weird looking gadget known as the Panono has revolutionized the way panoramic pictures are taken. The device contains 36 individual cameras that automatically put together a panoramic shot at a click of a button. The gadget then uploads the picture to its own proprietary cloud where they can be viewed. The Panono doesn’t actually require internet at the time of taking the picture so can be used in even the most remote places. The gadgets simple 3 step process allows you to take amazing fully panoramic pictures with just a simple click. The pictures can then be viewed in the Panono app or shared through social media with just a few clicks. The recommended way of taking pictures is to throw the device in the air and let it do its magic. When the camera reaches its peak height, the picture is taken. Compared to similar panoramic cameras that require you to hold on to a long stick that can ruin the picture, this really is a game changer.

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The Latest In Smart Luggage – Bluesmart Smart Suitcase

If you spend a lot of time travelling you will know how stressful it can be. Fortunately there are lots of travel gadgets out there that can make your life simpler when it comes to travelling. The smart suitcase from Bluesmart offers lots of handy features to commuters who spend a lot of time travelling. The company behind the smart suitcase, Bluesmart, was originally founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Silicon Valley. The idea was initially launched on kickstarter and received lots of interest with over 8,500 backers and $1.9 million in funding – impressive!

The smart suitcase features a 10,000 mAh battery that can charge your phone up to 6 times. The universal USB ports can also be used to change tablet, cameras or any USB device. Another feature of the smart suitcase is its built in GPS that tracks your suitcase anywhere in the world. By using the app on your mobile you can track the location of your suitcase so you’ll never lose it again. The app also has smart features such as distance alerts, which messages you if you forget your luggage so you’ll never leave it behind again. The suitcase can also have an automatic lock set up so that it locks itself if you step away from it. This is great if you want to lock your suitcase while it’s out of your sight. The app for the Bluesmart suitcase is currently available on iOS and Android with an Apple Watch app in the works.
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The Best Wallet For Contactless Cards

With the popularity of contactless payments quickly growing, chances are you have at least one credit or debit card lying around that offers it. Those of us who have used contactless cards know how great they are – just tap your wallet on the reader and you’re done. But what if you have two contactless cards in there? How does the reader know which card to charge?

Well, the answer is that it doesn’t – and that’s a problem. It’s called “Card Clash” and if you’ve ever experienced it you’ll know how damn annoying it can be. Worry no more though as the guys over at Merlo London have a solution to your problem.
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